For 10 years, we've watched the giants in Attack on Titan chew people up and not really spit them out

and we've seen Eren go from a sweet, traumatized kid to a menacing titan that devoured his own father.

The brutality and destruction in the anime series is undeniable, but it's also been filled with grief, action, social-political conflict and a little hope.

Attack on Titan will finally end its TV run this year, closing the curtain on Eren's saga as he charges to Marley with one thing in mind: destruction.

What will become of his friends and enemies like Zeke, Mikasa, Jean, Annie, Levi, Armin and Reiner?

If you've been holding out to stream the entire show or waiting to read Hajime Isayama's manga,

you can catch up now and step into the last chapter. This time, "Final Season" really means final.

You'll want to tune in to hear the new theme song dedicated to Mikasa and to ultimately see if Eren and his gang Titans succeed. 

Here's where and when to watch the one-hour Attack on Titan special. 

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