A heartwarming video of 19-year-old Pradeep Mehra, running with a backpack from his place of work to his home, has gone viral and has garnered over 6 million views, with people appreciating the young man for his hard work and dedication.

The video was filmed by filmmaker Vinod Kapri, who saw Pradeep running along the side of the road at midnight and offered him a lift, thinking he was in trouble

Kapri shared the video on his social media, adding that he offered the man a lift many times, but Pradeep refused, without pausing his run for a second

In the video, Pradeep narrates that he works in a McDonald’s outlet in Sector 16 in Noida, and that he runs home every night

He adds that he runs a total of 10 kilometres — “Sola se Barola (From Sector 16 to Barola)." “I don’t get time during the day so I run at night," Pradeep says.

Kapri, who records him from his car as he runs along the road, asks him why he needs to run. “For the Army,” Pradeep replies. He adds that he is a native of Almora, Uttarakhand

Kapri then offers to drop him home and says he can finish his jogging in the morning instead.

But Pradeep refuses. He responds that he has to get to work at 8 am so he has to cook food before that. Pradeep shares that his mother is hospitalised back home and he lives with his brother.

He adds that he will have now go home and cook. Kapri invites him home for dinner.

“Who will cook for my brother then? My brother will remain hungry,” Pradeep says, adding that he won’t be able to cook since he is currently at work on a night shift.